Solflare Wallet Review: Does It Make Sense in 2023?

Jack Moreau
Feb 2023
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Introduction: The Solflare wallet was launched in 2020 with the goal of serving the needs of Solana users. With the Solflare wallet, users can among other things buy, send, store and stake SPL tokens while seamlessly connecting to dApps on the Solana blockchain. In this Solflare wallet review, we take a closer look at all the features that the wallet has to offer to see how it stacks up in 2023.


Pros & Cons


Ledger hardware support
Transaction & Anti-phishing security
Available on Browser & Apps
Open source


Unknown team
Team not on Discord & Telegram
No unique edge against competition
Customer support only Mon-Fri


vs Alternatives


Wallet Type

Hot Wallet
Cold Wallet


SPL Tokens

Open Source



Browser, App
Browser, Desktop, App




Solflare Crypto Wallet

Solflare launched in 2020 at the very beginning as the Solana ecosystem was beginning to take off. Initially, the non-custodial wallet was only available as a clunky Chrome browser extension with a weak user experience. Luckily, the team behind Solflare have improved the user experience since then.

Solflare website
Solflare website

Solflare Supported Platforms 

Today Solflare is available on multiple platforms in the form of a browser wallet and mobile apps available for Android and IOS. The browser wallet has over 100,000 downloads and is currently only available on Chrome browsers. 

Solflare Apps
Solflare Apps

The mobile apps have over 200,000 downloads combined and the Android version has a stellar rating of 4.9 with over 2,000 reviews. While the reviews are positive, many reviews highlight that the app is quited limited in its functionality. 

Solflare Wallet Features

The Solflare wallet offers supports for basic DeFi functionality such as swapping, staking and connecting to web 3 dApps across the Solana ecosystem. The team claims that 22% of all circulating SOL is staked via the Solflare wallet. The wallet also offers basic NFT support for users.

Solflare features
Solflare features

Solflare Wallet cryptocurrencies

The Solflare wallet only supports SPL tokens on the Solana network. SPL tokens are digital assets that are created on the Solana blockchain and are used to access the Solana Platform Layer (SPL). These include well known Solana coins such as SOL, GMT, AUDIO, RNDR, POLIS, RAY and many others. 

Solflare Wallet Customer Support

Solflare claims to offer 24/7 support but once on their website, the live chat is only available Monday to Friday. Unlike many other projects in crypto, the Solflare team is not available on social media platforms like discord or telegram.

Is Solflare Wallet Safe? 

Solflare like most other non-custodial wallets provide users with a mnemonic phrase (seed phrase) that contains 12-24 words. it’s the responsibility of each user to ensure that they store their seed phrases somewhere safe. If the seed phrase is lost, the Solflare team can’t help as they don’t have access to these passwords. 

Solflare Security
Solflare Security

Solflare offers some neat security features such as transaction simulations so that users can see what’s about to leave their wallet before signing a transaction. They also offer anti-phising support that warns of interactions with possibly harmful websites. And finally, 

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